Kid-Tech Preschool

is an early education program focusing on social, language and cognitive development with the education and implementation of technology all the while maintaining environmental awareness.


We want to prepare the children in our program for the educational journey they will embark on in the years to come. We want them to have a positive perception of school, education and technology. We hope our efforts to provide the best and most current early learning practices in a current and supportive environment will produce this effect.


Too often we see and hear about the disconnect

in society since the influx in the use of electronics and technology. Since it is already a part of our daily routine at work, and at home; it is most certainly an inevitable part of our children’s daily lives. With that as our reality, I have developed a curriculum to educate children on the safe and appropriate use of technological devices and programs while highlighting the importance of human interaction and socialization.


I believe that with our cutting edge curriculum, biometric security features, and live stream video monitoring; Kid-Tech Preschool is

The Future of Early Childhood Education... Now!




Kid-Tech Preschool provides an early education program for children aged 3 - 6 years (including Kinders*).

We follow the ELK ISLAND Public School Schedule.


Our Preschool Classes run in the morning only.

Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 11:30am   


Class options are as follows:

2 days per week - Tues. & Thurs. 

3 day per week - Mon., Wed. & Fri.,

5 day per week- Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., & Fri. 


We are closed weekends and statutory holidays. Reminder notifications will be sent via e-mail, newsletters, and posted in the centre with regards to statutory holiday closures.


Although we are not a Montessori School, we believe in, and implement many methods and theories developed by Maria Montessori, including the                                    . We follow this practice for the benefit of the children's development. This means that there is no division of the children into their "age group". The children in the Program will have classmates ranging from 3 - 6 years, and varying developmental stages. This also means that there are more options for families as far as choosing a class. While some activities must be altered to accommodate the mixed age grouping, our teachers are happy to put in the extra effort because they know how beneficial it is to the children.


*Since we operate as an OSC before and after school hours, if your child is in a 1/2 day kindergarten class and requires full day care (before and after school), they will need to be registered in both the Preschool & OSC programs. Please call, email or come in to discuss the details.